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Shouting through tears at times during her impassioned testimony, the 48-year-old wife of California's more prominent politician testified that Weinstein raped her when she was 31 and trying to build a career as an actor and producer. 'We're working to recognise the anxiety and the concerns customers of the bank have and making sure we can work to find a solution that secures people's operational liquidity and cashflow needs. And that's what the Treasury is working on.' Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is looking forward to moving to a New York (NY) prison likening them to 'the Taj Mahal, the Plaza Hotel and the Waldorf' in comparison to the Los Angeles facility he had been serving out his decades-long sentence.

The reliance of these industries on SVB has prompted fears about an 'extinction event' for start-ups, while it has been warned that British fintech firms would be feeling 'very, very nervous' about their futures.  Then earlier this year, a $19 Bella Hadid smoothie was introduced, named The Kinsicle, as part of a promotion for her beverage brand Kin Euphorics. Hailey Bieber also has a 'Strawberry Glaze Skin Smoothie', priced at a mere $18. It comes amid allegations from one of Weinstein's former right-hand men who is being accused of raping a model at her New York hotel when she was 19 after luring her to a penthouse suite with the promise of a meeting the disgraced film mogul.

Social media has taken off over the last few years. We all seem to have gone tweeting and Facebook mad. But it is surprising how poorly manybusinesses have managed to change and adapt to make the most of social media. Illustrations from the books included depicting minors engaged in sexual activity and instructions on how to masturbate, engage in sex acts or download apps that make it easier to have 'casual intercourse.' Weinstein was already serving a 23-year sentence for separate rape and sexual assault convictions in New York when he was found guilty of rape, forcible oral copulation and sexual penetration by foreign object of an unnamed Russian-born Italian model.  The Florida governor had his staff warn the crowd in Tampa, Florida, that the video would show 'material that is sexually explicit in nature and not suitable for children' - and all minors were removed from the room during the roughly six-minute screening.  Mr Sunak last week met with French President Emmanuel Macron, smoothing out relations after they hit a low point with the September 2021 signing of the Aukus deal, which saw Australia ditch France in favour of an agreement with the UK and US.

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